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சாப்டூர் ஜமீன் வரலாறு

Zamindar of Saptur – Sri.Ramasamy Kamaya Naicker ( 1881 – 1906 ), died on 8 December 1906.He took charge as zaminsar on 7 July 1902.He died very young.He is the one who expanded Saptur zamin by buying 1000 acres of land in and around sedapatty. His father and mother was Shri.Nagayasamy kamaya naicker and Muthuveerammal.He married the only daughter of the Bodi zamindarini Kamaluammaal and Meenakshiammaal.He donated 2000 rupees to Madurai mission hospital in the year 1905.He is a philanthropist and Hunting was his passion.

Courtesy – Ms.Veeralakshmi Rajavel and Mr.Dorai M A Raj.

Shri.SKNKRK Naicker avl. with Rani of Saptur ( from erasakkanaickanur zamin )and their daughter Vairamani Thayappan.

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